The Dust Bowl Facts – Quick information you need to know

If there is one worst drought considered in America, it can be traced way back in the year 1956. This hit the farm of the states so hard and even sparked whatever memories perceived around the epic dry spell. This basically helped in the production of the so called Dust Bowl. The Dust Bowl facts have been around for quite some time now since then. This environment disaster will never be forgotten. The implications in incurred in the Sothern Plains during the year 1930 will always be carved in the memories of many. What are these?

In the Plain States, black blizzards were used to be so common. It was menacing and it started in the year 1930. However, there was a really massive dust which traveled 2,000 miles. Such was almost 2-mile high. This happened as it hit the East Coast on the 11th of May, 1934. Everything lasted for almost five hours. This was the time when a prairie fog enshrouded most of the landmarks like the U.S Capitol and even that of the Statue of Liberty. This was perceived inside the lawmakers who were still debating around the one referred to as the soil conservation bill. As for most east coasters, the storm was indeed a mere inconvenience. Housewives were kept busy during these instances. The subhead of the New York Times may be read here. It may even be compared to the tribulations which had then been endured by the residents of the Dust Bowl.

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Needless to say, the Dust Bowl was a natural disaster and also a manmade. This happened in the start of the World War I. This was the time when the American wheat harvested flowed such as gold. This was the occurrence when the demand really boomed. The record of the wheat prices was lured during such times. There were promises made by most land developers. The said that the rain would always follow the plow. They even gave a tenfold of credits to new gasoline tractors. The same was also made for over-gazed southern Plains and even those which are over-plowed.

In the 1930, Great Depression and drought struck the place. As this transpired, the wheat market suddenly collapsed. There was once an ocean of wheat in the place. This replaced the existence of sea prairie grass. This anchored the topsoil so that it would be set in a place. This also dried up. During these times, the land was still defenseless. This was true against that of winds which suddenly buffeted the given Plains.

Even the ecosystem was highly affected too. This was witnessed because there was an unleashing of grasshoppers and jackrabbits during those instances. It was first a dark storm, then it turned into a daylight. Suddenly, it was darkness. There were biblical plagues associated around grasshoppers and jackrabbits which descended on the Plains. These would destroy whatever meager crops that had to grow. These would combat a hundred, and even a thousand of these jackrabbits that overran in the Dust Bowl.

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