Facts about Mount Rushmore – Interesting figures, facts and stories

In just an instant 25-mile road trip in the Black Hills of South Dakota lies Mount Rushmore National Memorial. This is visited because of the interesting facts about Mount Rushmore which attract a lot of tourists. What are these?

Yearly, almost three million visitors are seen in the place. This is how it has always been perceived. Basically, 14 years were spend to have the mountain carved. This took place with the assistance of 400 men too. Despite of the known harsh and even dangerous conditions, the project was came to be without anyone being put into danger. This was how safe the mentioned had been.

Upon looking at its cost, it is no wonder that Mount Rushmore may reach about a million dollar. This was put together during that of the Great Depression. There was over 90% of the Mount Rushmore. This was designed with the utilization of dynamite. Blasts were removed during this time. This came with an approximate of 450,000 tons of rock. Most of the details were taken care of by available hand chisels and jackhammers.

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As for the faces of the said mountain, it may reach for about 60 feet high. This can be compared to a building which is six-story high. There are so many things to learn about the mentioned. For instance, the nose of Washington is around 21 feet long. As for the faces though, it can measure for around 20 feet. The president’s eye on the other hand may reach around 11 feet wide. The mouths on the other hand may go for 18 feet wide.

On August 10, 1927, it was President Calvin Coolidge who became responsible in having the mountain officially dedicated. A ceremony took place for this. However, the carving of it did not start until the 4th of October, 1927.

The face of Thomas Jefferson on Mount Rushmore was started opposite that of George Washington. But then, 18 months after the carving, it was realized that the granite was just too weak. This was the reason why his face had to be blasted off. Afterwards, it was carved on the other side instead.

There was actually a group of Rapid City women who were seen for the dedication of the face of George Washington. This was the time when the American flag was sewed. This heightened for around 39 by 67 ft. The flag was later on dedicated for all of the presidents who were seen on the Mount Rushmore.

On the sculpture of Abraham Lincoln, the Hall of Records was also blasted off. This was observed behind the said curving. The hall was envisioned to become a grand room which would be responsible in housing the founding documents of the whole nation. The same was also true for charters which include the Constitution and even that of Independence’s Declaration.

There were local legends who suggest that the carving of the Mouth Rushmore started the very first coffee break. This transpired one cold morning.

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