Raising and Naming a Cancer Child

Inspiration for naming a baby born under the sign of Cancer can be drawn from their astrology sign and parents can also get an idea of the child’s leaning towards certain traits and potential future personality along with tips on parenting. This method can aid in choosing a meaningful name that suits the child.

Personality and Traits of a Cancer Child

There is an assumption that children born under the sign of Cancer are moody but this is not always true. Some Cancer children can be volatile when they feel attacked but they are not usually moody and they are not as short-tempered as a typical Aries or as sensitive as the standard Pisces.

A child born under this sign of the zodiac is usually not shy and they often speak their minds openly and honestly. Cancer children are usually intuitive and may have good observation skills combined with an excellent imagination. Cancerians tend to be creative and good at studying and analysing things; these attributes make for a great student.

Sometimes shrewd, resourceful and generous they often relate well to others but may need the security of family and routine otherwise feelings of insecurity can arise.

Parenting a Cancer Child

Some Cancer children learn best through emotions and this is the best way to teach them. Learning in proportion to emotional responses to the teacher and the subject can lead to issues at school for the typical Cancerian, and the child may need guidance on being more pragmatic.

A child born under this sign of the zodiac is usually not a needy, but parents should give them reassurance to build their self-confidence. Many parents find that they must teach a their child that not everyone who disagrees with them is wrong. Some Cancer children may be “crybabies,” making it necessary for the parent to be patient. It’s important to make the children feel safe and protected from any real or imaginary fears.

It is helpful to encourage a Cancerian’s creative abilities as they can have a natural talent in writing or the arts, but work may be needed to develop their logical side. Often easy to discipline and look after, a child born under this sign may need attention, love and cuddles. The Cancer child is likely to bring home neglected friends and stray animals and many love to collect things, as they bring about a sense of security.

Parents of a Cancer child may find that it’s important to allow their child to have their own bedroom, as they are usually quite sensitive to the surrounding environment.

As a sibling, the typical Cancer child is caring and protective. Home and family will usually be a source of security and as an adult, they are apt to find great happiness through marriage.

Zodiac Related Baby Names for Cancer

Names advised for Cancerians are chosen carefully as the sign is ruled by the moon which represents emotions and feelings. According to astrologer Russell Grant the following names are advised for babies born under the sign of Cancer:

  • “Dale” is English for “valley dweller.”
  • “Isla” is a female Scottish name referring to the Hebridean island in north Britain.
  • “Jason” is of Greek origin meaning “healer.”
  • “Phoebe” is Latin/Greek for “bright, goddess of the moon.”
  • “Ryan” is Irish Gaelic for “little king, descendant of Riain.”
  • “Selina” is Greek for “goddess of the moon.”

Parents who wish to learn more about the personality traits common in a Cancer baby can use astrology for inspiration. Details can be uncovered with a complete natal chart, drawn up by a professional astrologer.

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